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Our mission is to offer unique opportunities to practice yoga in monasteries, ashrams, rooftops with mountain views, beaches and other outdoor places of exceptional beauty.

We are

a Canadian travel agency specializing in Yoga and well-being. Since our foundation in 2008 we have created different tours offering the opportunity to explore beautiful locations and to get in touch with local cultures while learning and practicing Yoga. 

Yoga is always available and always optional on our tours. 

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Bernard Bacle

Tour Leader / Owner

Bernard’s passion for travel dates back to his childhood, having followed his globe-trotting parents in Europe and Africa, as well as living abroad for a number of years. He has now stepped foot on all continents, and has a special fondness for Africa and South-East Asia. He is a student of yoga appreciating it’s calming and relaxing benefits. Bernard is the owner of Club Adventure and a partner with Janice Varuna helping to make Yoga Travels tours as seamless and interesting as possible for our valued clients.

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Daniel Migneault

Travel Consultant

With 40 years of traveling the world and over 30 years of experience as a travel consultant with Club Aventure, Daniel has the knowledge and expertise to provide you with the best advice to help you get the most out of your next yoga adventure abroad.

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About our Yoga

The yoga on our tours is suitable for anyone with a desire to learn the basics and expand their knowledge. Our approach is that everyone can do yoga regardless of your age or physical abilities.

Live. Breathe. Explore.

Yoga truly is a merging of the body, mind and spirit. The yoga taught on Yoga Travels tours is an overall holistic approach including a balanced sequence of physical poses, breathing techniques, relaxation, mantras and meditation.

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Our tours


The Covid 19 entry requirements for every country are different and change often. We aim to have the latest info available for our travelers to be fully informed of the requirements for entry into the tour country. Yoga Travels will be there with you every step of the way.


“It was such a pleasure to be nurtured for 2 weeks. We had no worries! Janice was sensitive to participantsʼ requirements and flexible. What a well thought out trip. Thank you so much.”  
Dee Dee, Val-Des-Monts Canada


“You are very kind, interesting and caring people. Thank you.”
Gloria, Santiago Chile


“Yoga Travels in Bhutan will be a memorable journey into happiness.  The people, the landscape and the soul of the country will touch you deeply”
Sylvie, Paris France


“I feel so blessed to have been part of the group!!  I will have long standing memories of the places visited, good times, friendships made.  The trek to Cherie Monastery was excellent!  The trek to Tiger’s Nest phenomenal!  Thank you for taking such good care of us.   Namaste.”
Marilyn, Richmond Canada


“Thank you Janice for a trip I will remember forever.  Meditating in temples, watching the monkeys climb up the monastery walls from my hotel window, doing yoga outside while watching the morning mist lifts from the mountains, saying silent mantras wile bumping along the crazy, twisting roads to Trongsa are all memories I will treasure.  It was a joy to visit beautiful Bhutan and meet it’s friendly, open people.  it was a privilege to travel with you on what was truly a journey of mind, heart and spirit.”
Kristin, Ottawa Canada


Having practiced yoga for a number of years, I can truly say that Janice is one of the best teachers with whom I have ever had the pleasure of working. Each of her classes has a focus, and that focus will change from week to week. Her instructions are clear and she makes it very clear that each person’s practice is their own practice, she is there as a guide. Having said that, she is also mindful and aware of each participant and will offer individual comments to ensure that all asanas are being done correctly. I wholeheartedly recommend Janice’s yoga classes.”
David, Cobourg Canada


“The beauty, the wonder and the inspiration of Bhutan will not leave you during your stay. Any negative feelings or doubts just dissipate and the people and the land welcome you into their arms with big smiles and bigger hearts. 
Bhutan is the perfect backdrop to a Yoga and self discovery holiday. This is an experience you’ll never forget and remain in your heart forever.”


“ My flight was delayed and I missed my connections however there was a wonderful response from Yoga Travels and everything was sorted out and I still made the tour.  Much appreciated.”
Sarah, London England


“ Bernard Bacle, at Club Aventure, is a very resourceful travel agent – and a very nice person (…) In my experience, going through him has never been more expensive than buying online and the big bonus is that he can link the flights so that travelers aren’t stranded if they miss a connexion due to weather or a late plane. I have booked my flights through him for 25 years and never regretted it (…) and everything can be done online.”


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